The Game

Welcome to Quantum Black, a modern-day, action-horror roleplaying game set in a world much like ours. However, hidden supernatural threats are real and growing worse by the day. Evil cults, horrors from beyond time and space, vampires and demons all rise to terrorize this world. Someone needs to stop them.

Are You Up to the Task?

In the Quantum Black setting, you play an employee of Quantum Black, on a secret team out to save the world from the rising tide of unimaginable horrors. Equipped with the best weapons, cutting edge electronics, and a collection of drones, you will board the corporate jet, track the monsters down, and save the day. You’re prepared for anything—or so your bosses say.

Quantum Black is a cinematic, story-driven game that is powered by the lightning fast rules of Exile Game Studio's Ubiquity Roleplaying System. You can have hours of fun combatting cosmic horrors and still keep your sanity intact!

So step into the darkness....We'll be waiting.

Team hunting

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